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I decided to turn this page upside-down, as it were, so that the most recently received dreams are at the top of the page. They're all still here, just in the reverse order. Here's the deal: You send in your dream; I post it. Sounds easy huh? So far, only 7 guests have sent their dreams. For a while it seemed that nobody wanted to; maybe you thought your dreams were too personal to be so reckless as to send them anonymously to some bniblet located at a spot directly above the center of the earth. But then again, this page was not always so easy to find. Well, now you found it! You know what to do.

Received 12/17/17 from Diamond Montiel
eye dreams and sleep paralysis with lucid dreaming

This is the third time an eye-related dream has happened. The first time I was in the shower and my eyes started closing, feeling heavy. I thought I was tired so I got out, got dressed and went to bed, but couldn't sleep. I notice that my eyes feel so heavy that I can't even open them. I find my way to the bathroom and I have to open my eyes with my hands. I look in the mirror I see black dots around both of my eyes. I back up and faint, then before I hit the ground I wake up. The second time, I only remember seeing myself, arms crossed I was either rolling my eyes or just looking up but I had this vertical, thick, black vein underneath my irises it kind of looked like the material used in a 3D pen. Then my most recent dream was one where I had sleep paralysis (keep in mind I was aware I was dreaming), again I couldn't open my eyes. Then for some reason, it turned into lucid dreaming and I got out of bed, eyes still closed, and tried to go to the bathroom but someone was showering so instead I tried to look into my family's hallway mirror but I guess whatever is making this happen was not satisfied with the hallway mirror., so I ended up back in my bed and I still couldn't move until I shook my head and I was close to the bed and I saw myself coming out of my body like a ghost and it was rolling out of bed and my original self thought "no, not again," so I wiggled my toes and woke up.

Received 4/21/17 from Kelly Hunt
~~~ Tue, 21 Feb 2017 ~~~

-- Finding shelter --
( #Happy )
Me and a few ppl were looking for a place to stay. We had been swimming thru buildings not sure what we were trying to get away from. But we get to this platform because the entire building was under water. On this ledge we could see alot the building was huge like a library. So Sasha was like our "clearer of rooms". Not sure how she did it but she had some sort of power. When we got to the ledge she jumped back into the water to look around. On the side of the ledge there were to big hallways. So out of the hall we just swam from came this huge dark green fish. The water was clear so i could see it was chasing her. As she swam back and leaped over the banister so did the fish. It grabbed her by the legs. I grabbed her under her arm and with my other hand i grabbed an ice pick. I was cautiously stabbing the fish in its head trying not to hit her legs. It took 3 tries. We pulled her out and pushed the fish towards the hall we came from. From out of that same hall was this huge white on the bottom and a bright blue on top lizard. I figured it would eat the fish but we didnt stay long enough to find out as we dived off the ledge into the next hall. But now i felt a sense of theres no where to go and we need to find somewhere asap. Me and sasha find a building and try to drain it of water from the inside. We split up from the others and its getting hard to hold my breath. I took two breaths in and realized i could. I swim up to see a couple windows but theyre still underwater. Sasha started to panic and shes telling me what if i cant do it and we weren't gonna make it. The rest of our crew must have figured out something because after i dived further down and came back up to those windows me and sasha realized the building was draining. So once the water was gone we saw it was an apt building so we found an apt. We met up with the rest of the guys and they were doing something. So i tell them me and sasha will secure the room. Because we were hiding from something. We made sure the door in front and another back door was locked then sasha and another girl went to wash up. One of the guys found another apt below us and claimed it as his own. I went to look around down there and came back. As i was walking back thru our apt me and two guys lokked out the window and i say at least we can go hunting. Out side on this side of the building was grass and a bunch of pigeons and some white rabbits. I go to check on Sasha cuz she freaked out and was crying before we found this place. The two guys enter first look out that window and say they see two terrorizors and bolt out the doors. I grabbed sasha and she was still hurt but ok we rubbed noses while i craddled her and i say im glad you're okay baby. I go to look out the window and there are sand dunes behind those are other apt buildings. I shake my head and wake up.

Received 9/26/16 from Kevin St Pierre
Long hair dude doing coke, he cut his lip to put the coke into. He has a vest with tools on it across his chest and he was saying a lot of stuff about Venice. I also scored a 22 on a racing game that was downstairs in a stone basement

Received 8/29/16 from stephanie brooks
I dreamed I was gambling and hoping to get free spins but I ran out of money before I received them. Then my son was there and was bleeding behind his ears. It was a different version of my child with less personality. Somehow this image changed to being my sister with her hair in a ponytail bleeding behind her ears instead of my son. Then I ended up on an old tree that was huge and very tall, which somehow was launched high into the air and came down into a body of water. I was very scared while the tree was falling and hoping the water was deep enough. After I hit the water I realized the water was too shallow for me to have survived. I pinched myself and realized I had died because it felt numb. I was very afraid.

Received 2/26/16 from dylan sawers
I had a dream there was a junkyard full of stm buses near the group home and when we tried one it worked because the key was in it and there was like a wood board we lifted up and then i clicked the pedal and i was lucid dreaming. I was able to control my dream and it went on for the whole night here it is. We drove the bus towards vendome metro by speeding through traffic and such , i was terrified of crashing but they still wanted to do it so i reluctantly agreed and we went full throttle towards the metro station. The bus crashed a mile away from it and we walked for the rest of the journey when we reached the metro i went in a subway and went to my old school where i headed to this weird computer lab where i saw my friends andrew and daniel. I then left the class and started fooling around in the school and then the principal stopped me and told me to come help him. I went down with him into the basement where the principal said am i ready to be a true fighter and for some reason at this point of the dream i was harry potter and i said but im already the chosen one and he smiled and opened the door at the end of the basement. there was nothing but he assured me there was and so i looked around and there was still nothing until he pointed to the floor and i saw a snake with a hand instead of a head and an eye in the middle of the hand. The snake was the size of a tiny piece of dental floss but when i tried to throw a black object at it it threw itself toward me and i said screw this and ran upstairs where i had an idea and i was warped back and i attempted to squish it with one foot and when it lunged forward i ended its life with my other foot. I was then sent upstairs into a university type building and i walked out of it and into the metro again where i met two kids from my school and we went to various metro stations trying to steal things and break stuff but what was weird is that i was able to control everything going on so i asked them if they were real and they assured me they where so i was even more happy and then we finally reached my old school with the metro and as a group we walked into the old library where there were 3 year olds looking at huge Shakespeare books and whatnot and there was the librarian i remember from when i used to go to that school. She told me that we couldn't use the computers and we pushed her away as we entered the library where there was alot of books everywhere and a burgundy carpet floor. It was at that point that i woke up but then i managed to get back to sleep and at this point i was saying what happened in my dream in front of a microphone in a dark studio. I woke up for good after that but i can assure you that this dream lasted the whole night and it was extremely realistic like i thought that the kids on the stolen bus with me were lucid dreaming as well and i asked them and they said yes in the dream, now i need to find out if they really did in real life but anyways i also remember being scared of getting in trouble when we returned to the group home but i said screw it and we drove off, teka drove the car.

Received 1/8/16 from Caitlyn Boutros
I was in a huge maze with a whole bunch of random women. I can't remember why, but we were walking around. We turned a corner and there was a balcony with Arnold Schwarzenegger on it. And he was my boyfriend (of course). And he was doing pull ups saying he wanted to be fit for me, but he started exercising his lips at the same time! (Like... Flexing them I guess?) He said he didn't want fat lips for me, but nice skinny ones! And I remember being really disappointed, because I didn't want him to have really skinny lips. Then I went back to the maze. After more exploring, I remember thinking to myself, that even though Arnold Schwarzenegger was my boyfriend, we never kissed! So I went and to ask him why. When I found him again, he was a human sized milk carton (but I wasn't phased by this) I asked him why we never kissed, and he kept answering my questions with more questions (like why don't you exercise?) and then I found out he'd been cheating on me with one of the other ladies (who is now also a huge milk carton...)
And the two milk carton people kissed...
Then I woke up.

Received 12/13/15 from Miyoshi Inase
I was running away from this guy, i was terrified. We were at my old elementary school going through the cafeteria, i slid across the table, grabbed a spoon and threw it at him; clearly it did nothing. So i ran outside into the parking lot but then he caught me. As he started to face me i became less scared and more comfortable, and once we made eye contact i left like i had known him for years; such a loving feeling overwhelmed me but i had/have never met this guy. He told me either he would come back or find me one day, kissed me, then started "flying" up into the sky.

Received 12/10/15 from Mikayla Black
It started off with Devon (my boyfriend) and I sitting on my bed. This little girl comes in who must have been 5 or 6 years old and starts babbling and pointing to stuff. She wanted something, but I didn�t know what so I started yelling at her repeatedly to get out! Get out of my room! When she disappeared, I realized, �wait a minute�this is a dream.� So I started Saying �John Cena� over and over again trying to get him to appear. Everything would start to get fuzzy when I lost concentration, so I relaxed a bit, then everything went white except for a couple of clips of Randy Orton and I think Stone Cold Steve Austin fighting in the ring. Then John Cena popped up, but it wasn�t him. It was my freaking cardboard cutout of him. The one I've had for about 9 years. I woke up right after that and felt so disappointed. What a waste of a perfectly good opportunity.

Received 10/26/15 from booger101400
I was in an old old hospital, it was dark and eree. And I was all alone. I went to the bathroom cause I had to pee. I kept hearing something as I walked over to the bathroom, that I barley found cause it was so dark. Anyway, I made it to the Bathroom and I was walking to the unural (or however you spell it) and I heard something in the actuall stall. You know, were the toilet is? I was like "oh good another human". So I zipped up my pants and walked to the stall, without asking if someone was in there I opened it. And to my horrorfying surprise, it was an orks (ork off of Lord of The Rings) bloody arm in the toilet and it had a sword and it was swinging at me. And I heard a evil laugh. And the sword hit me and I fell to the ground, that's when I woke up.

Received 6/28/15 from Emma
I had a dream that i was in this special gym that had many different rooms and the doors to the rooms were very heavy medal doors. In each of the rooms was a different type of sport or labs. I was walking through the hallway of the gym and I saw one of my friends from baton camp with a weight lifting outfit in her hands with a weight lifting belt walking into one of the rooms them I got curious and opened one of the doors of the gym inside was a lab full of dinosaur type objects. I got scared and ran out of the room and slammed the heavy door shut. Then I started walking in the hallway again and found a pool. On hangers were life jackets I put one on and tried to put another one on in top of it but then my dad and sister came to pick me up. My dad drove me and my sister to a place where I had one of my older dreams at (this dream was a real one I had long ago) in this place I had one of my barbie houses that I decorated so perfectly I cried. So we start entering the place which I supposed to be based on a minecraft world and it is all outside and as we enter the place we see the furniture of the barbie house on the ground and the barbie house is about three feet wide and seven feet high. Then we look to the left and there are a couple minecraft houses built on my property. We walk towards them and we see a boy that I have seen before. He had dark auburn hair and glasses. He had his phone and was texting me about that he was sorry for ruining my barbie house and said he didn't mean to. Then a cd came out of the sky and it was blank so me and the boy made a minecraft series and I got to decorate the cd with my artistic talents. Then I woke up.

Received 5/24/15 from Paris Amour
Me and my family did something to get the police mad at us, so they started to chase us. I had to stay away from these red dots (on this map that I could see) because those were the cops. Then me and my family got separated and I was running alone. When I was running alone I saw a ride that looked fun so I went in it. Except when I went in this box, it started to fill up with water. I couldn't find any way to get out besides this hole in the upper right corner. It was hard, however I crawled out of the box through the hole. Then I ran back home. But, when I got home a cop was in my front yard I freaked out. But then I noticed that it was Sal Vulcano, from Impractical Jokers. I told him how much I loved the show Impractical Jokers and that made him happy. And since he got happy, he stopped chasing me and started to help me and my family get away from the police.

Received 12/14/14 from Hannah
I had a dream that I was being swung over sharks to tricks and I failed them they ate me...

Received 4/19/14 from cowxstrokerx
My dream was about the future...
It happend in 2016 , we were in my school but the school itself was in a medevil sort of town.. Everything was normal until the fire alarm went off and every one started to panic. Then all of a sudden a big shield of glass locked me and my friend into the reff.. I had a hammer in my pocket and had to break the glass to save two people on the other side .. The last thing to help to stop the fire i was sent into the metal air conditioning tunnels on the selling ,when i went in and got half way it all collapsed.. But the building still had its frame up... No one tried to come in and find us .
Then it sort of flashed 3 years ahead when we woke up the fire started all again and we had to escape. We got out and everything was changed completely...

Received 3/23/14 from Robert King
I just had the best dream ever. I was a simple peasant in a village. But then I went in the toilets and played games with some friends. Suddenly i ended up on a pirate ship sailing across the country. We ended up having to walk across Europe aswell. We stopped at a place or castle. We slept there. In the morning I woke up. Everyone left. Then tons of people started walking out of nowhere and surrounding me. The leader said "Someone take care of this boy, if no one answers I will pick. No body answered. So then then the leader shouted "Number 50!" Then this hot girl and 2 kids walked out. "Hi!" Said the girl, "You can live with us If you like. Obviously I said yes. So she drove us to this big mansion. I walked inside and there was 4 gigantic TVs with Xbox 360s, an inside and outside swimming pool. A giant spa. A gym, big cozy bedrooms with really comfy beds and a giant 200 inch tv with ps3 online and stuff. Giant kitchen and dining table, comfy lounges and even a Ferrari. It was paradise. I had so much fun but then I realised it was a dream and i might never wake up. So idk what happened next but I ended up in Kmart with stephen. We had to "connect" parts to get to the next floor. (There were 5 floors and the roof was we're the dream house is. So we could either play mob of the dead and survive to round 32 or we find parts. It was really hard. I just opened the hatch to the top when I woke up. But in my head the troll song was playing.

Received 8/11/12 from Rezhwan
I once had a very realistic dream that I was dead. I was going in a van driven by my maternal cousin with a few other children (9- to 13-years-old) I didn't know who had died young and were going to a land for thousands of years, waiting for Judgement Day. My cousin told me that in this world we couldn't breathe deeply and had to breathe quick and shallow breaths, but we'd soon get used to it. I was dumped at an empty place with sand. I then saw my mom and maternal grandmother. I asked my mom how I died, but she wouldn't answer, though she said something about "dream" or "sleep" with a small smile in her eyes (probably telling me that this was just a dream!). I asked for my iPad 3, but there wasn't any. I found a laptop, though there was no adaptor, but my grandmother said that my other maternal aunt would probably get a charger when she came here, because she carries her adaptor with her almost all of the time. Suddenly, my other maternal aunt (another one, not the one with the laptop adaptor) came and talked to my mom. She said that my grandfather and grandmother should head south to where Judgement Day would be held in the next few millenniums, while we'd (for some reason I didn't know, but probably to escape Judgement Day and to escape the risk of going to Hell) head north and "disappear" after settling down for a few decades. I started to think about my life and how much I missed it, and after a few blurry flashes of what I had done in the last few hours of my life (somehow I remembered everything I had done last night before I slept), I was thankfully awake, though I sat on my bed for half an hour before finding out that it was not true and I was still alive.

Received 7/4/12 from Nicole Sierra
I had a dream that I was sitting in an empty pool and I was urinating french dressing and my cousins friend just kept staring me :o

Received 6/11/12 from Samantha Mundy
Well the dream was amazing to me hahaha I was in college I think and next thing I new nicky byrne was stood there next to me and said hi I heard you don�t know me but would like to.then I was in a computer room and shane filan sat next to me and said damn that boy in front looks like me btw nicky and shane are from westlife im an avid fan looool loved this dream hahaha

Received 5/29/12 from Dawn Robins
I kept eating brains in my dreams. It started with a dead alley cat. I moved onto homeless peoples brains. The dreams were totally freaking me out until finally I ate a particular person's brain. It was then that I figured out I wanted her knowledge to be more on par with my she was.

Received 5/9/12 from Guy
I had a dream. It is an old dream but a dream that still haunts me to this day. My childhood enemy was always E.T. Yes, that adorably brown, Reese's Pieces eating alien from a planet oh so far away. The dream started off with me in the super market. I was in the produce section, picking up fruits and vegetables. The dream is in color and everything is peaceful and great. I see down the aisle a person in a large sombrero and Hawaiian shirt. I can't make out his face because of his large sombrero. He looks up at me and I see that it is E.T. My heart races and my pulse quickens. I start to breathe heavily in my dream and the colors race from blue to red, changing with the beat of my heart. E.T looks at me and says in a very raspy voice "Hi Guy!" I panic in my dream and wake up in a cold sweat. I can still hear that odd little alien saying hello to me. I can't seem to shake him!

Received 3/30/12 from Michelle Cappel
I was picking up shiny snail shells along a sidewalk. They were very beautiful. Almost crystal like. I decided to clean them out. So I held them up to my eye one by one looking inside for dirt. I noticed a quite large shell and held it up to my eye looking for dirt. I thought I found some. So I held it closer to my eye.(really, really close). And suddenly a snail popped out of the shell and wrapped around my eye. Entering my body. Then I forced myself awake. We're I was throwing invisible shells a crossed my room.

Received 2/9/12 from Will
I had a dream that I was at my grandparents house at night. The lights were turned off and I guess my grandparents were making something because me, them, and my sister were all in the kitchen. Then suddenly a bug about the size of a thumb and looked kind of like a beetle with thorns came bolting across the room. It was so fast that if you blinked you would miss him. He suddenly went headfirst into my grandmas leg and slit it apart. There was no blood but my grandma just fell and didn�t even seem to notice. Then it went into my grandpas leg and did the same thing!!! I rushed into the garage with my sister to get out but she was faster than me. She went through the door and outta the house first while I was still in the garage, freaked to death. I was just thinking that this is the part in scary movies when the guy kills you when I heard the doorknob turn. I saw the bug ,as big as a human, walk out with my sister in some sort of trance behind him. She was holding a metal plate with some weird scissors and tweezers on it. That was when I woke up.

Received 1/6/12 from Olivia
my dream about the giant

Well one day I was at my best friends wedding.At the ceremony ,when I was just about to sit down something quickly just pasted at the front of me.When I saw something I ran to try and catch it.But it was so so so fast I barely saw its face.Then is saw a big massive giant and a little bunny that was catched by the giant the giant had a red and green striped t,shirt and blue jeans and a big face,I said to the giant WHAT R U DOING TO THAT POOR LITTLE BUNNY??????.the giant said back to me I don't no what r u doing I said I asked u first I said in a horrible.The giant said I have no home I said well u must have a mother ,no I don't said the giant my mother left me when I was a little boy I was about 5 or 6 ,I'll take u home I said ok thank but u will half to be quit my mother looks after me.the end        Bye Olivia I hope u injoy

Received 5/17/10 from Regina
I had this dream that me and my sisters moved into this house together and one day my sister wanted to invite her friend so she did and he came and knocked in the door so I went to open it and I saw that he had 2 horns on his head and I asked him what his name was and he said "I'm the devil" I looked at him and ran. My sister walked to the door and ushered him in. He told my sister that he hated kids and she smiled. I had to hide in the closet so he would not find me but every time he came he saw me in the closet so every time he came he had a knife and would cut my wrist untile my hands fell of and that's when I woke up and the dream ended.

Received 4/29/4 from Jessica (again!)
Jessica(Me again)-I once had a dream I was on the beach and than a scorpion stung me on the foot, it really hurt!!! and the scorpion was red which I am unsure of scorpions color. And I have no idea why I was at the bach. I woke up when the dream scorpion stung me and rubbed my foot trying to figure out why it hurt.

Received 12/14/3 from Jessica
Invisible Soap By Jessica
I had a dream a while ago when I was like nine that I had this soap. This soap could turn people invisible. It was an ordainary white soap. This girl from my class Niasha(Nie-eesh-a) was there. She wanted to try the soap. I had gottten it from a wizard in a blue cloak with moons and stars all over it. Anayway Niasha wasn't suppppppposed to tell anyone about the soap or the power of invisibility. We were at some kind of Auction1bingo thing. And there was a guy in front of the room with gray beard and bald hair. He was wearing overals and a white shirt I think. Niasha started talking to him and he said. "Please, tell us what the soap is how you got it where it is" or somthing like that. I was in back of the place which now looked like a wedding/church place. I was mouthing not to tell and hoping she wouldn't she didn't and as she was invisibly floating away I woke up.

Received 12/14/3 from Jessica
Scary a brain By Jessica
I had a dream I was in a brick maze, I couldn't find the end and as I ran people I didn't know where chained naked to the maze walls. Somthing was chaseing me. My brain. It didn't look lioke a brain but, I knew it was my brain chasing me. For some reason I was really scared and worst of all no matter what I did I couldnt wake up. I woke up and i think I was at the hospitallgiven the sleepy medication or that was also part of my dream.

Received 5/7/3 from ELKSELE03

Received 3/13/3 from Torrey Kernan
Back when I was about five or six years old I had a dream that my dad and I decided to take a walk at night in our neighborhood. We walked from my house down a hill and to my neighbor�s house. But before we got there, we could see the house from a distance and a car was parked in the driveway until it started driving off. The thing is, is that it was moving sideways in a way that is not physically possible. So we walked down there and everything was dark and spooky like in those Scooby Doo cartoons. We got to the house and a rode went to the South from the driveway into the woods. But in the real world (not in the dream) there is no rode there. It�s weird how landscape features are different in dreams. Anyway, we walked up the rode into the woods and I was afraid so my dad held me in a way so that I was looking in the opposite direction he was walking. We walked up a hill then down and just about up another hill when a white ghostly figure was hovering to us from behind my dad so only I could see it. It was only about a foot tall but it had huge teeth and made a typical chomping noise while chomping. I was terrified and my dad just continued walking as if nothing was happening. The figure got closer and closer until finally it was going to bite my head off and I woke up. The chomping noise I heard was the alarm clock going off. Its funny how when an alarm clock goes off while dreaming, the dream makes the sound sound something totally different. This is the dream that I can remember the most from a long time ago.

Received 1/20/3 from ALES
One time i had a dream that i was getting chased by giant spiders and they killed my friends one by one then a witch killed my other friend and then their was a gient spider that killed my other friend there was just 3 of us left we were running to a bridge and then all of a sudden we stoped and wated then the witch came with her pet hampster and killed us all except for me.

Received 10/31/1 from Lisa
I was being chased downstairs by a blond-haired man, again - Kinda W.T.D. style, however; in that, I had help. Only, my help chased him and they all ran down past me. So, that the blond-haired man was first down, the men chasing him we're second; and, I was last. I knew, the blond-haired man would trick them - hiding off to the side and not actually going down - so that, as I began to pass - he could attack me full-on. So, I ran down - behind those who we're trying to help me; screaming "NO, don't go DOWN!". But, of course - they didn't listen. They kept on going - And, he attacked me. Just as I'd thought. I turned to strike back - And, he turned into ten of my own cat. How do you strike back at a creature you love? The perfect shape-shifter...

Received 8/8/1 from wooden_thomas
wooden_thomas calls former grammer school teacher.
I called a grammer school teacher at home. I am as I am today but currently attending grammer school. The phone call was supposed to be a prank. The idea was that She would'nt know who it was and I would just start making small talk and have a conversation with her. But She knew who I was. It was humiliating . I decided to go though with it.."So what's up?What are you doing..." I had nothing to say.It was embarrassing.She was mad and said nothing .I was stumbleing and nervous,I had nothing to say.

Received 8/8/1 from Cheryl
Last night I dreamed that there was a overflow of ice in my icebox. Most definatly a stress dream with very little excitment. I dont believe there were any sexual overtones as I went to bed satisfied...

Received 6/27/1 from Lisa Baker
i had a dream a boy fell backwards headfirst into the dark and lifted up with a certain ring around his forehead of blood beginning to ooze

Received 2/24/01 from Ambikka33
severed leg
I was at a party or event possible rainbow style in New York. I was just walking around to different rooms. I noticed a bright red colored room and a slightly large woman with blonde curly hair in the room, who seemed to be dominating the area. She was having others girls sing and dance with her. Not knowing anyone and not usually enjoying that sort of vibe i just watched from afar for a minuete then kept walking around. I came to the other side of the room to a door, I was pulled in slightly and just stood there. It was apparently the end of what they were doing, they finished up and some girls left. I went into a red colored stall and sat on the ground. I looked over and noticed there were a pair of shears hanging on the wall. Then almost as if unconsciously, just as easy as 1,2,3, no pain or spurting blood. I cut off my foot just above the ankle. I was afraid to look at my leg, thinking it would be a mess, but then took a peek. It wasn't bad then the blonde lady peered over the stall door and asked if i was going to throw it out for the conspiracy. At first i thought i definantly would, i wanted to know. Then good old logic kicked in. How would i get around? I don't have crutches, i'll be stuck relying on this woman. I panicked i said "i need to get to a hospital and get it sewed back on" The woman said she would help me get to the nearest hospital. I put the foot back in place and walked slowly down a hallway with her. When we got to the hospital they said they were closed and should go to Lincoln Memorial which is in downtown Manhattan and that they close in one hour. So we walked out onto the street. Having no idea where we were, since i was only slightly familiar with Manhattan i still needed the blonde womans help.A bus pulled up and opened the door. We asked if it wen't to Lincoln Memorial? he said yes.So we got on. Strangely enough for New York we were the only passangers. The driver started talking to us and he seemed a little out there. Laughing and having a good old time, not your typical bus driver. He asked if we had any vodka or gin, he just finished of his bottle. So i'm thinking great, i've got less than an hour, don't know where i'm at and a fucking wino supposedly getting me there. Then a semi truck pulls out in front of the bus, he hits the brakes and stops. I get out in the chaos start to walk down the street, look back and the bus and woman have disappeared. I see a trolly with people hanging on riding on the outside. It looks like something straight out of guatamala. I ask if it goes to manhattan? someone says yes, as it's pulling away I jump on. I ride for a while going through housing areas, shopping areas. Miraculously my foot staying intact after riding above ground. the trolly gets to ground level and stops. A guard makes everyone on the outside get off. They cover up the rail area where people were riding with boards. I asked someone how far the hospital was? about 20 blocks. I knew i couldn't walk that far so when the guard wasn't looking i jumped into a crevice at the back of the trolly. I guess he saw me and was looking around he saw me and said no one rides for free.

Received 9/12/00 from TJKLPK
August 21 2000.The games start early in the morning at the Tom Waits party.The house is not where I live.I slept a couple of hours only.There is the Kiernan's bacement ,a cat is loose down there, makin' her self at home on a shelf in my father's old den area. The bacement never looked better,I'll have a Miller beer before I try to sleep.The white floresant light is on in the corner ,It can stay.I saw the Nagle boys It started to rain realy hard.Matt in the garage there,there's Doug too.As he walked down the driveway he said somethiong about his kid. A big balloon from a plastic tube is,liquid goo,is loose.I remember being there with Bruce Vandermelle once.The woman who I will be naked danceing with later is sitting right there,she is new,very cute,tall,a good weight long hair ,new. The ball bonces ,it starts to pop into many small balls ,Bil McGuire was angry,he started it all.He was dared to pick up that water bottle ,empty.Or,He dared him self. I peeked into the woman's room a couple of times {i'm alowed to}Just looking for someone,saw a couple of nice asses,one was getting f#*ked up against the wall.A short beardless man enjoying fucking motions.Hot hip young naked chicks in the showers at The Tom Waits party 2000.Naked dancing, a compition, in it, pass a tennis ball through your partners legs.My partner was wearing a dress and now she's not , I feel her vagina nicely with my thumb sliding across it.She would pass the ball to me. A bathing suit type underwear is holding my penis against my body tightly,out of all ten couples playing,I came first,she saw it and heared my seman hit the floor. I felt good, but poor,and imature.She was a beutiful soul.

Received 7/8/00 from Joshua D. King:
Last night, I dreamt that I went to my uncle's machinery yard to buy a car, and I found a white van. I took it for a test drive, and I drove it through many miles of hills very haphazardly. Then I tried to go down a really steep hill almost like a wall. The van slipped and then plummetted, so I jumped out and caught myself on the handle of a lawnmower that was half-buried in the ground. There was a big gasoline explosion when the van crashed, and I didn't want to go back to my uncle's to face the consequences, as he didn't know I had taken the van for a test drive. So I ran down the hill, which was unusually close to my house. when I got to my backyard, I looked down and I was naked and the opposite sex (female). So I started to run in the fields behind my house. I ran until there weren't any houses anymore, and then I stopped and was about to run back; but then I woke up.

Received 6/20/99 from Leanne McGuire:
One time I was back stage at some kind of performance, and there was a buffet supper being served. The only thing was, nobody could find the food because it was dark and it was being served from small tables in separate places behind curtains and in dark corners. There were servers there, standing around, but they wouldn't help anyone find the food. They were kindly and supportive, but they would not help. Finally we all found enough food to eat our supper. It was a pleasant time, but it just took a little longer to eat.

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