Links to links
Some of my favorite sites are those with lots of links to other sites. Like these:

The Everlasting BLORT
Definitely a prime spot to find many hilarious, weird, and often bandwidth-heavy links. Definitely worth a gander or 70 with or without a fast connection. Also a huge supply of archived links.

The Ultimate Insult
Several links a day. Great selection! One of my all time favorite sources of link-entertainment. All kinds of links, you never know just what you may find.

Weird Links
What the name says, with 10 or 15 links pumped out every 3 or 4 days. Fun B-movie-remniscent layout, done up all in classic HTML, none of this fancy-schmancy PHP stuff I see too much of any more. And their links? MAGNIFIQUE! Go look!
Many, many links. A link orgasm. They are mostly news stories. Really Really FUCKED UP ones. And then there are all the other crazy sites they link. Like 20 new links every DAY! Just incredible. Check it.

Jon's News
A truly badass pile of links, served up in large bunches periodically. If you ever get the idea the the internet has grown dull and all the weirdos have gotten bored with it and gone away and found other hobbies, look in here and see just how wrong you are, All manner of links can be found: entertaining, strange, just plain gross, interactive, game-related, madly interesting, you name it, Jon linked it. yeay!

Usually 6 or 7 or 10 good links every day. Nice taste in linkage. I like! They take submissions, so the link-hunting power of hundreds? thousands? millions? of link-loving people from around the globe is harnessed to find the very best linkage for you to enjoy. Plus they have a forum so that you can socialize with fellow readers (and maybe exchange a few links which didn't make it to the front page).

A steady trickle of several links per day, catagorized (drugs, flash, sex, tv, food, etc) some recurring themes, ie a bunch of funny 'religious' links every Sunday, a well-organized links site, laid out like the old e/n sites of yore.

consumption junction
HUGE collection of all kinds of multimedia - pictures, videos, *a LOT of videos!*, flash games. mp3s. You know, all the best things to download. Bring your high-speed connection and/or your patience to consumption junction and go into a DL_ing/feeding frenzy.. ahhhh!

Way Trippy Sites!!!!
Flash-based trippy frenzy! I want some of what he is smoking and/or eating when/before he does his dark, spooky, yet kind of 'hippy' flavored flash animations straight out of one of your fonder LSD-tinged memories.
Another fun psychedelically twisted site. As of this writing, a LOVELY Java "meltdown" greets you upon entry. Inside, some really fun applets to play with when you find them. Texturally interesting layouts, surreal absurdist monologues that almost mean something, or do they really mean something? Great fun, and they must have had great fun making it too.. Way Interesting!
Fun Fun Fun Eyecandy for one and all! Is it still a puzzle? I don't know they keep changing it and I don't have as much time to hang out and mess around with it.. You just need Macromedia Flash Player before you go.
I found this a long time ago ahortly after I found snarg. I was recently reminded of it and went and had a look. I must have like what I saw 'casue look here I linked it.

Human Population:

Church of Euthanasia
Joking(?) butchering/serving ideas for human meat. A Suicide Assistance Hotline. A Human Population Clock These are only some of what you might find here. Go ahead, click the link, or better yet do the Earth a favor and GO KILL YOURSELF!!!!

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
May we all live long and die out! The VHEMT does not want to kill you or your babies! They don't even want you to kill yourself! The idea is if we stop reproducing, the earth will return to a more life-friendly state of being. We are more than members of the human species; we are members of Life on the planet Earth, and from this perspective, it seems greedy if not foolish to produce more humans to trample down the surface of this once-beatiful planet (well, ok, it still IS beautiful, for now, anyway).

The Childfree web ring at RingSurf
Just in case you're hungry for more nonbreeding info

Extra-harsh e-n_ish site SnuffX is back after a brief interval of nothingness. It seems to be on a more reliable server as its copious quantity of vicious, horrific movies streams down even faster than before.

Another very entertaining selection of grisly movies. Like SnuffX, No adult check ID is necessary and there are plenty of gorey movies to make you wince...stuff like people getting their fingers chopped off and getting mauled by lions, for example. And of course there is far gnarlier material to be found there for those interested (like me!).

LaNDo's Stinking Hole
Full length episodes of South Park for your downloading pleasure with NO COMMERCIALS can be found here. They also have Futurama and other TV shows available but so far I have only drunk South Park from their copious cup. They took an hour or two on my old 56K dialup connection (assuming I wasn't squeezing anything else through that tiny pinhole at the time), but once you have it, YOU HAVE IT and you can watch it again and again and/or show it to your friends! File size: about 36 megs apiece. Best viewed with RealPlayer!

ps On Verizon's Infospeed DSL, which I use, and usually turns out to be about one and a half times as fast as an ISDN, these episodes come down quite quickly - we're talking about 7 - 10 minutes, at most.
They just changed their look on April Fool's day. Every day yet another twisted 7 days a week! I already miss going there and seeing that cool keyboard logo they used to use. Fortunately, I had a copy! This is it right here:

FAST search
A very good search engine! I traditionally got more and better results here than anywhere. Unfortunately they seem to have changed things up a little in the way the search works. Still, they are generally one of my first search engines of choice.
FAST Web Search Web Search
I must admit to having taken a liking to both Dogpile and Northern Light recently, and I am slightly interested in this new up-and-comer too.

The Weather in Philly Right Now!
This is where I go when I'm too lazy to walk across the room and open a window. And they only update every 2-3 hours! Maybe I should just build an amateur weather station up on the roof. If you're curious as to what kind of crap I have to put up with when I go outside click this. NOTE: May is the most beautiful, fantastic month to be in Philadelphia! If you ever come here, do it in May, if you don't, you'll see why so many hate this place.


Much more than just home of such classic pastimes as "Club a Seal", "Telebubbies Fun Land", and my old favorite, "Assassin", the game where you get to kill annoying celebrities, This site has grown into a vast ocean of flash animations. There is even a portal where you can send in your own animation or view animations done by a wide assortment of people with varying levels of expertise.

The Dextromethorphan FAQ
Dextromethorphan? What's that? Only a dissociative anaesthetic available over-the-counter in your local hometown drug store. Makes LSD look like baby aspirin! Have you ever used Robitussin DM or any other cough preparation with a DM in the name? Then you've been on (a very small amount of) dextromethorphan! You druggie! Visit this FAQ to read about other peoples' psychedelic experiences, learn about how the DXM molecule is broken down into another psychoactive compound by the liver (whoa 2 drugs in one!) and hey, no room for that here--this is my links page so just click on the link already!

The infamous Exploding Whale site
Ever seen a whale explode? You can, very soon! Just click on that title. I've been getting a lot of requests to put a link back up to this site. The streaming RealPlayer feeds are now available! Still, the rather large QuickTime file provides a more smooth viewing experience. It's on a pretty fast server so it only took about an hour or two for it to squeeze thru my old 56K modem. Of course, on my DSL connection, it would only have taken several minutes. Enjoy!
Ha! These guys finally found me!! I guess it was only a matter of time... and for what, COLORS??? Well I guess if using more than mustard and white on your site makes you a "loser", then aw shucks I guess I must be one then...My site doesn't look boring enough! Drat! Only 2 L's though! How loserly! I don't know whether to pick my nose or fart!

So only gave me 2 L's eh? well this guy (Mike) gave me 4! so ppphhththththh!! Click the link or the picture and go see.

Sue Sniblet
Click that Snib's name to visit her snibbletty site! Lots of pictures of the glorious Snib herself as well as clouds in upstate NY. Plus cool links on Page 3 to all kinds of music and radio sites! Go have yourself a big eargasm!

Wooden Thomas
Click that T-spoon's name to visit the fantastic and fabulous Wooden Thomas page. The very very surreal covers of Wooden Thomas's own music albums are well worth the download wait. Also don't forget to send him any pictures of women with lawnmowers you may have lying around (well a scanned image is enough; you won't have to part with them).

I used to really like that old Syd Barrett floyd...maybe a little TOO much. aw hell I spose I still am a Syd fan even now. Roger Keith Barrett apparently doesn't know and has no interest in finding out about this site. Still, it's good to see some good old trippin' fools are still listening to Syd Barrett! Definitely worth checking out!

Too Many Links!
sure there are plenty of good links on this page, but I wound up putting a lot more of them here.

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bnib's proto-page
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